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How many kinds of fireproof glass are there? What are the precautions?

Author: Pv:350 Time:2021-07-22

  There are five kinds of fireproof glass, one is laminated composite fireproof glass, the other is laminated fireproof glass, the third is special fireproof glass, the fourth is hollow fireproof glass, and the fifth is single-layer strontium potassium fireproof glass. In our current fire door market, there are still a wide range of products.

How many kinds of fireproof glass are there? What are the precautions?

  Fireproof glass is a special glass that connects its integrity in the specified fire resistance test. It is divided into three types according to the sales varieties

  Category a.

  At the same time, fireproof glass meeting the requirements of fire integrity and fire resistance and heat insulation. The utility model comprises a composite fireproof glass and a pouring fireproof glass. The glass has the functions of light transmission, fire prevention (smoke separation, fire separation, heat insulation and radiation), sound insulation and impact resistance. It is suitable for building painted steel wood fire doors, windows, brightness, isolation walls, lighting roofs, smoke separation vertical walls, perspective floors and building components that need transparency and fire prevention in the four horizontal directions. For some high-rise buildings and places with large flow of people, such doors will be installed in dense places, so as to leave the fire scene orderly in case of fire.

  Category B.

  At the same time, fireproof glass meeting the requirements of fire resistance and thermal radiation intensity. Most of these fireproof glass are composite fireproof glass, which has the characteristics of light transmission, fire prevention and smoke prevention.

  C category.

  Single piece fireproof glass can only meet the requirements of fire integrity. The glass has the characteristics of light transmission, fire prevention, smoke separation and high strength. It is applicable to fireproof glass partition wall, fireproof window, outdoor curtain wall, etc. without thermal insulation requirements. The other is the fire prevention time of fire doors, which is very important. Although some doors can indeed play the role of fire prevention, their fire prevention time is very short, which plays a very small role. Therefore, when purchasing products, we should try to choose products with longer fire prevention time.

  By structure type.

  It is divided into fireproof laminated glass, thin coated fireproof glass, single fireproof glass and fireproof laminated glass. Among them, fireproof laminated glass can be divided into composite fireproof glass and filled fireproof glass.

  According to the fire resistance limit.

  It is divided into 5 grades according to fire resistance limit: 0.5h, 1.00h, 1.50h, 2.00h and 3.00h.

  According to fire resistance.

  Insulated fireproof glass (a) and non insulated fireproof glass (c) and departmental insulated fireproof glass (b).

  The basic function of fire door is to avoid fire.

  The fire-proof glass is divided into composite fire-proof glass (pouring type and composite type. The grouting fire-proof glass has good heat insulation function and the composite fire-proof glass has good fire-proof function). If the quality is poor, no matter how superior other conditions are.


  The utility model is composed of one or more layers of water-soluble inorganic fireproof glue interlayer attached to two or more layers of glass sheets.

  Fire prevention principle: when the fire occurs, the surface of the fire glass will burst rapidly after high temperature, and the fire retardant rubber interlayer will expand 10 times in succession to form a rigid milky white foam fireproofing board, effectively blocking the flame, blocking high temperature and harmful gas. The waste products can be grinded, perforated and cut by changing the ruler.

  The combination of fire-proof glass and PVC laminated glass shall be considered when installing external windows and external curtain walls. Scope of application: building rooms, corridors, Siping fire doors and windows, fire compartments and fire separation walls in important parts. Generally speaking, doors made of inferior wood have a short service life. If it will, consumers should pay attention when buying.

  Siping fireproof glass manufacturer.


  Monolithic fireproof glass is the fireproof glass of single-layer glass. Connect the fire resistance integrity within the necessary time to block the open fire and harmful gas on the fire facing surface, but there is no insulation #.

  It is applicable to external curtain wall, outdoor window, daylighting roof, smoke retaining vertical wall, fireproof glass frameless door, and isolation wall without thermal insulation.

  Perfusion type.

  It is sealed by two layers of glass sheets (three layers of glass sheets can also be used for special needs), and the surroundings are sealed with special flame retardant adhesive strips. After the fireproof glue poured in the middle is cured, it is frozen with transparent glue to glue the glass into one.

  Fire protection principle: after high temperature, the transparent frozen fire-proof adhesive layer in the middle of the glass will harden rapidly to form an opaque fire insulation board. While preventing the spread of flame, it also prevents the transmission of high temperature to the rear fire surface. The fireproof glass not only has the function of fire prevention and heat insulation, but also has poor sound insulation effect. It can be processed into an arc.

  It is applicable to fireproof doors and windows, building patio, atrium, shared space and fire partition wall of machine room.

  Important: a black sealing frame is exposed around the glass, which is used for inlay and removal of the surrounding pressure strip. When it is used for four plane and west facing external windows without shielding, the reasonable proposal shall be required by the # manufacturer in advance. When quoting, pay attention to complete hardware accessories, do not lose parts, and adopt correct and adaptive installation methods during installation, not too stubborn. As a result, all roads lead to Rome, and try to choose short cuts.

  Since the batch consumption of monolithic fireproof glass in China, fireproof glass has been more and more widely used, but there are several points to pay attention to when using:

  1. Before selecting fire-proof glass, the detailed requirements for fire protection, fire protection, heat insulation, smoke isolation, fire resistance limit, etc. of fire-proof components composed of fire-proof glass must be clarified.

  2. Single piece and composite pouring fireproof glass cannot be cut with glass knife like ordinary flat glass, and need to be processed to a fixed length, but composite (dry process) fireproof glass can meet the cutting requirements.

  3. When selecting fireproof glass to form fireproof components, in addition to considering the fireproof durability of glass, its bearing structure and various elements also need to meet the needs of fire resistance.

  Single piece strontium potassium fireproof glass stops ion exchange at high temperature for more than 20 hours through special chemical treatment to exchange metal sodium on the glass surface to form chemical tempering stress; At the same time, after physical treatment, the compressive stress formed # on the glass surface greatly improves the impact strength. When the glass is broken, it presents a tiny particle shape, reducing the damage to the human body! The strength of single strontium potassium fireproof glass is 6-12 times that of ordinary glass and 1.5-3 times that of tempered glass. I hope that when you buy this product, you can communicate with your family about the three guarantee service and after-sales service of the product. I believe you can get a better answer later.

  No matter what kind of fire door, special attention should be paid in the process of installation and disassembly. As long as the fire door installed and disassembled is more reasonable, its superior function can be interpreted.