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Pay attention to the following points when purchasing fireproof glass

Author: Pv:339 Time:2021-07-22

  Fireproof glass has good light transmittance, fire resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation. There are three kinds of common fireproof glass: laminated composite fireproof glass, laminated fireproof glass and hollow fireproof glass. Many buyers of monolithic fireproof glass only care about the price of fireproof glass and ignore many important purchase precautions. The following glass tips you a few points to avoid wrong purchases.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing fireproof glass

  1、 Applicable products: single piece fireproof glass, which is divided into 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc. according to the thickness, it is divided into class I (90 minutes), class I (60 minutes), class I (45 minutes) and class I (30 minutes) according to the fire resistance rating. The specific choice should not only be determined according to the strength (or thickness), but also carefully see the fire resistance rating required for fire acceptance. High strength single-chip strontium potassium fireproof glass is more fire-resistant, higher strength and more stable than ordinary single-chip glass due to its chemical and physical treatment.

  2、 Selection of qualified manufacturers: as the registered production-oriented fireproof glass enterprises are limited by fire control, environmental protection, registered capital and other conditions, many enterprises selling fireproof glass are registered as trade-oriented or sales-oriented enterprises, or do not have the qualification to produce fireproof glass within the business scope of the license. Some enterprises do not have industrial and commercial registration, so such enterprises have no production conditions, Of course, we can't produce qualified fireproof glass products. The buyer understands the operation status of the manufacturer through field investigation and requires to provide the original (or copy) of the industrial and commercial license to avoid being deceived. Professional glass deep processing fireproof glass manufacturers have been engaged in glass deep processing for more than 20 years.

  When purchasing products, it is necessary to check whether there are sampling inspection reports and records: at present, the fire department pays more and more attention to the use of fire-fighting products, and requires the production, sales and use units to be responsible for the fire-fighting products used for life. If they accidentally use forged fire-fighting products or certificates, they will bear the greater risk of fire-fighting acceptance and future accident liability. According to the fire regulations, Enterprises that need to pass the sampling inspection of the public security fire department and hold the type inspection report within the validity period of the fire building materials quality inspection center or the fixed fire protection system and refractory components quality inspection center can produce fire-proof glass. The service life of the inspection report is generally three years. The inspection report is generally filed in the quality inspection center and the provincial fire brigade. The inspection report presented shall show the contact number and address of the quality inspection center, so as to facilitate the authenticity of the inspection report. The buyer must ask whether the manufacturer can show the original of the inspection report and the telephone number of the filing organization for verification.

  4、 When purchasing, the manufacturer is required to issue the Fire Product Supply Certificate: in order to implement the spirit of the instructions of the fire bureau of the Ministry of public security on strengthening the quality supervision and management of fire products and standardize the market behavior of production, sales, installation and use of fire products, all provinces implement the fire product supply certificate system accordingly and establish and promote the fire product credit system, as follows:

  1. For fire protection products circulating in all provinces, the production unit shall fill in the Supply Certificate of fire protection products at the same time when purchasing the fire protection products from the purchasing unit.

  2. When each sales and installation enterprise provides users with fire-fighting products, the product manufacturer shall fill in the Supply Certificate of fire-fighting products.

  3. The Supply Certificate of fire products shall correspond to the specific supply project and users one by one. When applying for the completion inspection of fire protection works, each construction and user shall send the certificate of fire protection product supply together with other completion inspection materials to the public security fire protection institution for inspection.

  4. Fire products without fire product supply certificate provided by the manufacturer are regarded as counterfeit products. Therefore, according to the above system, when purchasing single fireproof glass, the manufacturer shall be required to issue the fire product supply certificate at will as far as possible.

  Considering the cost performance of the product, the monolithic fireproof glass is a high-tech product with complex production process, and the production cost is mainly affected by the production scale and equipment conditions of the enterprise. When buying monolithic fireproof glass, we need to comprehensively consider the product quality and price and choose a better purchase.