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Introduction to the specifications and advantages of double-layer insulating glass

Author: Pv:359 Time:2021-07-22

  The double-layer insulating glass separates the two pieces of glass through effective sealing materials and spacing materials, and a desiccant absorbing moisture is installed between the two pieces of glass, so as to ensure that the interior of the glass is a dry air layer for a long time without moisture and dust; At the same time, insulating glass is easy to carry out mass industrial production, so double-layer insulating glass is widely recommended in new buildings.

Introduction to the specifications and advantages of double-layer insulating glass

  Glass window is a large loss point of building cooling (heat) capacity, while the heat transfer coefficient of double-layer insulating glass is only 1.63-3.1m/w. K, which is 29% - 56% of that of single-layer glass. Therefore, the heat loss can be reduced by about 70%, greatly reducing the load of cold (warm) air conditioning. Obviously, the larger the window area, the more obvious the energy-saving effect of insulating glass.

  Advantages of double insulating glass

  1. Good thermal insulation: the double-layer insulating glass has low thermal conductivity, better thermal insulation effect than ordinary glass, and good air tightness. In cold areas, although it is tens of degrees below zero outdoors, it is another world indoors.

  2. Good sound insulation: the structure of double-layer insulating glass is carefully designed with tight joints. The test results show that the sound insulation is 30dB, which meets the relevant standards.

  3. Good air tightness: multiple sealing wool strips or rubber strips are installed at each gap of double-layer insulating glass, which has good air tightness, can give full play to the interaction of air conditioning and save 50% energy.

  Price of double insulating glass

  Due to the different pricing of building materials market in various places, the price of insulating glass is also different. The price of glass rises and falls, but it is basically the scope of activities. Generally speaking, the ex factory price of 5 + 12 + 5 double tempered white wave insulating glass factory is about 105-110 square meters. The ex factory price of 6 + 12 + 6 double tempered white wave insulating glass factory is about 120-130 square meters.

  Detailed analysis of double insulating glass specifications:

  1、 The thickness of insulating layer of insulating glass is generally 6mm ~ 20mm; In special cases, there are also cases greater than 20mm, but it is rare; If the thickness of the hollow layer is less than 6mm, the sound isolation volume is almost the same as that of the single glass with the same thickness. Therefore, the thickness of the hollow layer is 6mm.

  2、 The representation of insulating glass is three-stage representation, for example, "5 + 9A + 5", and "5" on both sides indicates that the thickness of the original glass is 5mm; "A" is the abbreviation of the Chinese word air, and "9A" means that the spacing thickness of the middle glass is 9mm. We usually see 9a and 12a specifications.

  3、 The specifications of the original glass are usually: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm. For the original glass with the same thickness, the larger the spacing of the middle glass, the larger the allowable area.

  4、 Insulating glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass evenly separated by effective support and bonded and sealed around, so as to form a dry gas space between glass layers, so as to achieve the thermal insulation effect. It is an energy-saving glass, such as "5 + 9A + 5" ordinary insulating glass, which is roughly equivalent to the thermal insulation effect of 100mm thick ordinary concrete.

  5、 In addition to the thermal insulation function, insulating glass also has good optical performance, anti condensation and good sound insulation function. Therefore, it is often used in buildings with high requirements for thermal insulation and sound insulation functions, such as hotels, residences, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. it is also widely used in vehicles, ships and other means of transportation.

  Solutions to fogging of double-layer insulating glass:

  1. If the double-layer glass is fogged due to the unsealed sealant, the sealant on the double-layer glass can be removed with tools, and the glass window can be cleaned again. After it is dry, the brushing process of glass window sealant can be carried out.

  2. If the sink position of the double-layer insulating glass is not installed properly, the double-layer insulating glass shall be removed and reinstalled.

  3. If the middle partition strip of double-layer insulating glass is installed, a glass gasket can be added to the double-layer insulating glass. Remove the original spacer strip and reinstall the spacer strip. Note that the pasting position of the spacer strip should keep a certain distance from the edge of the glass window. Generally, 2-mm is more suitable. In addition, when installing the glass window, pay attention not to dip water on the middle spacer, so as not to affect its installation quality.

  4. If the temperature difference is too large to cause fog, you can open the window for a while to reduce the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature difference until the fog on it dissipates.