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Application of insulating glass

Author: Pv:330 Time:2021-07-22

  Insulating glass is a kind of glass composed of double-layer or multi-layer glass. There is a gap between the glasses to inject desiccant to ensure the dryness between the glasses. Therefore, the performance of insulating glass is much better than other ordinary glass. It has good optical performance, thermal insulation and anti condensation, so it is also widely used in schools, hospitals, shops, hotels and so on. So let's take a look at the uses of insulating glass!

Application of insulating glass

  1. Insulating glass is mainly used in buildings that need heating, air conditioning, preventing noise or condensation, and requiring no direct sunlight and special light. It is widely used in houses, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shops and other occasions requiring indoor air conditioning. It can also be used for doors and windows of trains, cars, ships and freezers.

  2. Insulating glass is mainly used for outer glass decoration. Its optical performance, thermal conductivity and sound insulation coefficient shall meet the standards. The insulating glass with reasonable structure and standard design can play its functions of heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft and fire prevention. Using vacuum double-layer tempered glass can reach the laboratory standard! There are also insulating glass added with inert gas and color pigment gas on the market, as well as beauty strips to strengthen and decorate.

  3. Function of insulating glass aluminum spacer strip: aluminum is known as active metal element, but a dense oxide film will be formed on its surface in air, so that it can not continue to interact with oxygen and water. It can react with oxygen at high temperature and release a large amount of heat. With this high reaction heat, aluminum can replace metal from other oxides (aluminothermic method).

  The above is the purpose of insulating glass. I hope it will help you!