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The love of home decoration doors and windows - Laminated glass

Author: Pv:372 Time:2021-07-22

  I don't know what kind of glass products you choose for your home decoration doors and windows. Now the water in the door and window industry is still deep, so we must see and understand more when choosing. You may not know much about such a love of modern doors and windows, so I'd like to introduce this laminated glass product to you here, Because of his three advantages, he has become the object of everyone's pursuit.

The love of home decoration doors and windows - Laminated glass

  The use of laminated glass can ensure the safety of glass. It is really a kind of glass that won't break. And the following three advantages will let you know more.

  1: Natural UV protection

  PVB interlayer also has the function of filtering ultraviolet rays. The data show that PVB film can absorb more than 99% of ultraviolet rays, so as to protect indoor furniture, plastic products, textiles, carpets, works of art from fading and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation.

  2: Good energy saving performance

  Because the laminated glass made of PVB film can effectively reduce the transmission of sunlight, the darker the color and the lower the transmittance, the stronger the ability of the laminated glass to block heat.

  Therefore, if there is enough light at home, you might as well choose laminated glass with medium transmittance (50% - 70%), or "heat insulation and energy saving package" such as 6 + 9 A + 5 + 0.76 PVB + 5, 6 Low-E + 12 A + 5 + 0.76 PVB + 5.

  3: Good sound insulation performance

  Generally, the interlayer material of building laminated glass adopts PVB interlayer, and the PVB membrane has the damping function of filtering sound waves (reducing the volume transmission by reducing the vibration amplitude of sound). Therefore, if you live in a place with serious road noise, you should choose a laminated glass with PVB film thickness of 1.14 mm.

  It is the laminated glass with these three advantages that has become everyone's favorite, and its safety can be guaranteed in use. Do you need to buy such glass products? Call to order!